1. OPNFV os-nosdn-bar-ha overview and description

This document provides details of the scenario for Euphrates release of Barometer.

1.1. Introduction

This scenario has the features from the Barometer project. Collectd (a telemetry agent) is installed on compute nodes so that their statistics, events and alarming services can be relayed to Gnoochi and Aodh. These are the first steps in paving the way for Platform (NFVI) Monitoring in OPNFV.

1.2. Scenario components and composition

This scenario deploys the High Availability OPNFV Cloud based on the configurations provided in os-nosdn-bar-ha.yaml. This yaml file contains configurations and is passed as an argument to overcloud-deploy-function.sh script. This scenario deploys multiple nodes: 3 Controllers, 2 Computes.

Collectd is installed on compute nodes and Openstack services runs on the controller nodes.

os-nosdn-bar-ha scenario is successful when all the nodes are accessible, up and running. Also, verify if plugins/services are communicating with Gnocchi and Aodh on the controller nodes.

1.3. Scenario usage overview

After installation, plugins will be able to read/write the stats on/from the controller node. A detailed list of supported plugins along with their sample configuration can be found in the userguide.